Family Tai Chi

To provide individualized training of mind and body for kids. To inspiring children and their parents to participate in a fun and rewarding exercise together. To help children overcome obstacles they face in their daily lives.


Based on the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chu'an our Family Tai Chi program incorporates slow, smooth, steady and even movement along with breathing techniques to increase coordination, control, balance and focus. This class utilizes the Parent-Assisted-Learning approach. Children who struggle in a group environment will benefit from parental participation and interaction with other families. It's rewards extend beyond the school into all facets of life. These include, but are not limited to:

- Improved Focus, Posture, Balance, Flexibility and Relaxation
- Physical and Mental Fitness
- Reduced anxiety and self confidence

Enjoy training in a safe and fun environment where children and parents learn and grow together.

Class Structure:

Our classes are informal and relaxed. After a traditional greeting, the class will participate in low impact warmups and stretches for about 15 minutes. Following a short break the class will work on a short lesson involving movement and/or breathing exercises. The remainder of class will be dedicated to each individual family working on one or more lessons learned that day.

Class sizes will not exceed 14 participants (including parents) in any given session. Additional class times will be added as required.

All children should have opportunities to succeed:

Families are encouraged to try one class free of charge to see if it is a good fit. A scheduled private lesson is optional. Our facility is wheelchair accessible and quite spacious.

Instruction is tailored to the child's needs with parents playing a supporting role. Private lessons are available if a group environment is not an option.

We will NOT have a minimum number of participants for this program to begin.


This is a new program and may take time to really ramp up, but I believe in it's potential whole heartedly. To start, classes will have a child age range of 6-16. Additional class times will be added depending on interest and older/younger kids may have separate class times.

If you have any questions at all please contact me via phone, text or email. I am excited and eager to see what your family can accomplish!


Timothy Minch




· Start any time on or before October 22 2017
· Minimum age 6 (exceptions may be made for 2 or more siblings)
· Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing
· No street shoes on the mat. Indoor shoes are fine.
· At least 1 PARENT or GUARDIAN must be present and participating at all times.

· $120 per month or $25 per class (includes 1 child and parent(s))
· Reduced rates are available for those in need.
(Cash or check only please)

· Private lessons are available by appointment only at the cost of $65 per hour. An additional adult family member may attend for free. (Please e-mail or text for additional information)

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