Everything You Need to Create a Kid-Friendly Martial Arts Studio at Home

Does your child need a place to practice martial arts now that non-essential businesses (including their martial arts studio) are closed due to COVID-19? Instead of missing out on weeks of practice, why not set up a martial arts studio at home? Whether you want a temporary space for home fitness or a permanent practice space, these resources have everything you need to get started.

Setting Up Your Martial Arts Studio

Don’t have a home gym? Here’s how to find space for one no matter your home’s size.

Basic Gear for Home Martial Arts

These guides explain what to buy for your home martial arts practice.

Fun Ways to Practice Martial Arts at Home

Stumped on the best way to practice martial arts at home? Here are ideas to get you started.

How to Keep Kids Motivated to Practice

All of your efforts will be for naught if your child doesn’t practice. These tips will help parents encourage their kids to stay active at home.

A home martial arts studio doesn’t have to be utilized solely for martial arts. If you create a multipurpose room out of the space, you may even be able to increase your home’s value. No matter how you build your home studio, the important thing is keeping kids active — even while you’re cooped up at home! Your child might be missing their martial arts classes, but they don’t have to miss out on exercise!

Image via Unsplash