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Tai Chi was originally developed as a defensive martial art during the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368). Its roots lay in the Buddhist martial arts of the Shaolin Temple that were well established and widely practiced during this period, as they continue to be today.

The Taoist founders of Tai Chi believed that the Shaolin arts relied too much on brute force and aggressiveness. They modified and adapted the movements of Shaolin to make them more fluid and supple. Combined with Taoist breathing techniques and the philosophy of the I Ching, these more relaxed movements represented a reformation movement in Chinese martial arts.

Based on the principles of Yin and Yang and natural movement, Tai Chi is a subtle yet exceptionally effective combat system. Though initially practiced to develop concentration, strength and stamina, in application Tai Chi can be as fast as lightning, as powerful as great waves breaking on a beach.

While combative aspects are not stressed in beginning classes, practical defense applications are frequently introduced to clarify the underlying logic of the movements.


Often described as a moving mediation, Tai Chi Chuan
(Taijiquan) exercises the whole person, integrating body with mind and spirit. Tai Chi consists of a series of natural, rhythmic, and circular movements that flow with the smooth, slow, steady power of a big river pouring into the sea.

This ancient Chinese practice gently but thoroughly exercises the whole body and nervous system with no jarring impact or over-exertion. Thus, it is suitable for people of all ages and millions of people regularly practice Tai Chi, not just in China, but also all over the world.

Some of Tai Chi's benefits are almost immediate, such as improved flexibility, balance, and circulation. Increased body awareness, coordination, and tranquility of spirit soon follow. With longer practice, Tai Chi creates a dynamic relaxation that invigorates your whole life. Continual Tai Chi practice leads to abundant energy, renewed vitality, and profound sense of well-being.







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